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One of the first stages of Union City Filament’s manufacturing process is the certification of raw materials through our Eddy Current Module and Laser Micrometer.

Eddy Current Testing is a form of nondestructive wire testing, which when applied to fine wire will identify splits or fractures which would cause premature product failure. Every meter of wire that we advance to production is tested by our eddy current module to certify that it is free of any such imperfections.

A laser micrometer is used in conjunction with our eddy current module to verify that all wire is within dimensional tolerances. The laser micrometer takes measurements on three axes while also calculating uniformity of roundness. The system is accurate to .000005”.

Union City Filament also provides these tests as a service for customer purchased material. The certification includes weight, cold resistance, laser micrometer, and eddy current testing. Our engineers will interpret the results and provide you with all findings and conclusions.

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