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Company History

Established in 1950, Union City Filament has been developing proprietary processes for winding and forming tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium and their alloys into a myriad of designs for nearly 70 years.

Our processes make it possible for us to hold the tightest possible tolerances on dimensions and uniformity.

We are constantly researching new uses for our products like handheld vaporizers and surgical tools.

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X-Ray Filaments

For over forty years Union City Filament has been producing x-ray filaments for medical imaging devices in use by healthcare providers across the world. Today our filaments are part of imaging systems at the forefront of digital CT scanning technology.

Scientific Instrument Filaments

Scientific Instrument Filaments

Union City Filament manufactures a variety filament designs that are being used in scientific research applications, process control applications, and material processing and certification applications.

Cathode Heater and Electron Device

Cathode Heater and Electron Device Filaments

Union City Filament’s experience with cathode heaters, microwave tube heaters, and electron tube filaments spans our entire history. Our filaments and heaters are used in a myriad of vacuum electron devices including traveling wave tubes, klystrons, power grid tubes, thyratrons, and related dispenser cathodes.

Ion Source and Ion Implater

Ion Source and Ion Implater Filaments

Ion Source Filaments are integral components in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and scientific research applications. Typically these components are single helix cylindrical filaments, flat spiral filaments, or planar filaments.

Ionization Gauge Filaments and Grids

Ionization Gauge Filaments and Grids

At the core of the Bayard-Alpert Ionization Gauge there are filaments and grids manufactured at Union City Filament. Bayard-Alpert Ionization Gauges are hot cathode devices that analyze atmospheric conditions in vacuum systems and vacuum chambers.

High Temperature Springs and Supports

High Temperature Springs and Supports

Union City Filament manufactures high temperature springs and supports for vacuum devices and other systems where consistent and reliable component support is critical.

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Our Products

Union City Filament’s products are primarily designed to be electron or ion sources either through direct emission or by heating dispenser or oxide cathodes.

Today, our filaments are being put to use in the latest mass spectrometers and other analytical sensors, ion implanters, leak detectors, vacuum ionization gauges, getters, and specialty infrared applications.

Regardless of what your end application is, Union City Filament’s expert engineers will work with you to design the best filament or heater to suit your needs.

Questions? Contact us today for help.